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Corrective Exercise & Pilates Rehabilitation Alan Williams

Corrective Exercise & Pilates Rehabilitation

Alan Williams
BA(Hons), MA, PGCE, ND, DO

Is pain stopping you from moving well and enjoying life?
Are you unsure how to exercise?
There is an answer…

Natural body movement is essential to joint health and the better you move, the more at
ease you will feel, giving you the freedom to work, rest and play now and in the future.
In these corrective exercise sessions you will understand how to move your body
efficiently to promote your wellbeing, bringing you the best results, the quickest. You will
become more skilful in moving.

During the corrective exercise sessions you will learn:
  • Why you don’t move with ease
  • What it has cost you in the past and will continue to cost you in the future
  • How to change that future
  • Why you suffer from pain and how to choose the right exercise for you
  • How to build strength, correct imbalances, and improve posture
  • How to become more confident in the way you move through life – physically and
Discover the ingredients to success:
  • WHY you need to move efficiently
  • WHICH exercises will help you the most, the quickest, and why
  • HOW to perform the exercises safely and effectively to achieve your goals.

You can attend corrective exercise sessions in two different ways, or a combination of

1) At Higher Health and Healing

PAY PER SESSION 1 session £60 per hour

PRE-PAID PACKAGES 5 sessions £250 (£50 per session)

10 sessions £450 (£45 per session)

2) By SKYPE in the comfort of your own home

PAY PER SESSION 1 session £50 per hour

PRE-PAID PACKAGES 5 sessions £200 (£40 per session)
10 sessions £350 (£35 per session)

Don’t let pain stop you from enjoying life to the full.
Be more confident in how you move and exercise.
Create your future movement experience – now.

About Alan

Alan Williams Osteopath and NaturopathAlan is a highly qualified and experienced Osteopath and Naturopath, after having undergone a four-year full-time osteopathic training at the the British College of Osteopathic Medicine (BCOM) in 1991, in London. Alan has practiced in various osteopathic and orthopaedic clinics, including a private hospital department. He has lectured practical and theoretical aspects of Osteopathic Medicine, at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine (BCOM), Oxford Brookes University, The College of Osteopaths, and in two osteopathic institutions in Sweden.

Alan is a Certified Practitioner of Pilates for Rehabilitation, Certified Yoga Teacher, and Certified CHEK Exercise Coach. He has an extensive background in Human Movement Studies and Physical Education, and has a wealth of experience in sport, exercise and movement science, and rehabilitation.

He has also taught and lectured Physical Education and Human Movement Studies at degree level. He combines structural and cranial osteopathic techniques in a naturopathic and holistic approach to treating the individual, and combines elements of corrective exercise, yoga and pilates-evolved exercise for rehabilitation.

Alan is also the co-founder of Inspired Wellbeing magazine (UK) and Inspire magazine (Sweden).


Osteopathy and Cranial Osteopathy
Corrective Exercise & Pilates Rehabilitation

Contact Alan

Telephone: 07506 409224

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Corrective Exercise Pilates Rehabilitation Alan Williams
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