Metabolic balance Karina Athwal

Metabolic Balance

Karina Athwal

What is Metabolic Balance®?

MB® is an award winning individualised food plan for healthy weight management.

Developed in Germany by physicians and nutritionists with more than 20 years of research, and now well established in Europe, Metabolic Balance® ends yo-yo dieting with a 4 Phase Food Plan, tailored from your own blood biochemistry analysis.

MB® is a nutritionally sound eating plan using real, natural, healthy food, and does not use gimmicky meal replacements, shakes, mixes or fads. Weight issues are resolved quickly and permanently by restoring hormonal balance, including insulin response, strengthening and regulating metabolism gently and permanently with real food.

MB® is not a short term reduced calorie diet, but a sustainable, optimal eating plan for life. MB® re-educates your metabolism and hormone levels, promoting real, balanced fat-burning and decreasing fat storage: the most ‘body-intelligent’ plan one can work with. Three meals a day and no snacking are two of the most important aspects of your MB® plan.

MB® won the Medical Wellness Award 2009.

How does Metabolic Balance® Work?

It is a 4 Phases programme, and your own personal food blue-print for life.

Phase 1 is a mild 2 day detoxification and preparation phase.

Phase 2 is a strict 14 day adjustment period: you will fully engage in your own personal food and meal plan, and often see a rapid fat and weight loss as you engage with your new nutrition profile whist experiencing real improvements with energy and well-being.

Phase 3 is a more relaxed phase and reintroduces foods that were excluded in phase 2, including treats! This phase lasts as long as you need to achieve your personal goal, which is assessed at the outset by your MB® Consultant.

Phase 4 is the MB® maintenance phase, or life-plan, when you are happy with your weight and you enjoy all the benefits the programme has offered you. This is when you take the MB® principles into life, to enjoy a new balance and food perspective, one that fully supports your weight and healthy metabolism.

Your 4 Phase MB® Plan is determined from laboratory values, direct from your blood analysis, so there is no guess work involved…. it is personal to you.

The MB® is not the Blood Type diet, but a unique, scientifically based programme and food plan based on one simple blood test.

As a Certified Metabolic Balance® Consultant Karina offers a Complete MB® Plan, which includes a blood test kit (private blood draw arranged), prepared Individual MB® Workbook and Food Plan, and a total of 6 further clinical appointments. The included MB® appointments are to guide, balance, and help you to detoxify, cleanse, energise and relax into your new way of life and food.

Karina will guide and support you throughout the process.

Metabolic Balance® may address:
  • Obesity and cravings
  • Sugar and fat metabolism disorders
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Low energy and vitality
  • Hypertension and cholesterol issues
  • Rheumatic and arthritic conditions
  • Migraines
  • Poor digestion
  • Endocrine disorders and menopausal symptoms
  • Skin disorders
  • Insomnia and snoring
  • Gout

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The MB® programme does not replace any possible or ongoing medical treatment and any concerns should be discussed with your health advisor/doctor.

Consulation Metabolic Balance Karina Athwal

About Karina

Karina Athwal Clinical PsychoneuroimmunologyFollowing a previous career as a commercial lawyer, Karina decided to change direction having been inspired by significant improvements to her own health using targeted nutrition.

Karina believes in evidence-based health advice and applies an integrated and individualised approach based on the latest scientific research as the basis for her intervention recommendations. Karina has a special interest in immunology and the interaction between the psyche and immune system. She has a deep understanding for how stress can significantly influence our immune system and vice versa and believes that true optimal health can only be achieved when both the body and the mind are at ease. Our thoughts and state of mind can influence our health both positively and negatively and she uses a unique combination of nutritional therapy, clinical psychoneuroimmunology and NLP to help her clients achieve optimal health. Karina is also certified Metabolic Balance Coach and helps clients with weight loss and recovering metabolic balance. She owns and is responsible for the daily running of Higher Health and Healing – a natural health clinic located in the beautiful settings of Cornbury Park in Oxfordshire, where a series of therapies are offered to clients, who wish to work with their health in a meaningful and life enhancing way.

Karina holds a first-class honours degree in Nutritional Therapy from the Centre of Nutrition Education and Lifestyle Management (CNELM) accredited by Middlesex University. She has trained as a Master NLP Practitioner with the UK College of Personal Development (UKCPD) and has most recently completed a 2 year diploma in clinical Psycho-Neuro-Immunology (cPNI) with Natura Foundation. She is also a certified Metabolic Balance Coach. She has worked as a clinical supervisor consultant at CNELM assisting 3rd year students in developing their clinical skills and as an independent nutrition consultant for Optum, running workshops, presentations, and developing webinars for large organisations around the country. She is a sought after presenter and has contributed as a writer to various websites and books. Karina is a full member of the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT) and is registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). She is a professional member of The Association for NLP (ANLP) and fully insured to practice.


Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology & Nutritional Therapy, Metabolic Balance

Contact Karina

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Metabolic balance 4 Phases programme Karina Athwal
“I started the Metabolic Balance diet at the start of this year, after years of struggling to lose weight and control my asthma. I was in a cycle of taking steroid drugs, getting bloated and was feeling uncomfortable with my body. I didn’t have loads of weight to lose but I’m now over 2 stone lighter, a size 10 and feel fab! The best news is that my asthma is much better controlled and I have cut my steroid drugs by 75% – to the amazement of my GP. It hasn’t been as hard as I thought, despite the fact I’m in a really busy Director role and am often travelling and at work functions. I’ve now taken control of my eating regime, plan ahead more and know where I can buy healthier food options. The are a couple of side effects that are worth mentioning – I no longer snore (much to the pleasure of my husband!) and I’m getting loads of compliments on how well I look! This truly has been a life changing experience and I would strongly recommend it to anyone.
Before MB, despite exercising twice a week and having a ‘very healthy diet’ I still couldn’t lose weight, it was the removal of certain ‘intolerant’ foods and the structure of the way I eat that has made such an important difference.”
Emma Lyon, Oxon
“The MB programme has been worth every penny as an investment for both current and ongoing health, especially at an age when excess weight is very difficult to lose. Within a few days of starting, I realised that my body just did not need the amount of food that I had been eating, despite my attempts at vigilance. Having the anchor points of both the types and exact amounts of food to eat made the procedure extremely manageable, and I soon began to shed the unwanted pounds!
More importantly, however, I very quickly felt so much more vital, with none of the headaches or blood sugar swings which I had always associated with previous fasting that I had tried.
It is no problem to maintain motivation during the initial and maintenance phases of the programme, and the food is most enjoyable and very wholesome. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend MB.”

Alison Sharpe, Cheltenham
“I was warned during peri menopause that if I didn’t lose my excess weight then it would be more difficult after the menopause and of course it was! I tried many diets without success and had resigned myself to being overweight for the rest of my life. That was until I was told about Metabolic Balance a year ago! Over the first few months the weight dropped off and I lost 3-stone and went down two dress sizes and more importantly now a year on, I have not put the weight back on, even though I have my “naughty” days! I feel vibrant, I have more energy and best of all, people have said I look younger! That will do for me….. Metabolic Balance really works for me!”
“For more than 30 years I have suffered with a variety of health issues and more recently my weight had started to increase. I have now been on the MB programme for around 10 months, I am 4 kilos lighter, my skin is the best it has been for as long as I can remember and, more importantly than all of this, my general health and wellbeing makes me feel 10 years younger!”
“The Metabolic Balance programme has worked wonders for me with the expert guidance and support from in 4 months I have lost just over 3 stone and I feel great! I found the first stage tough as you are retraining your body and mind to react properly with the correct food. After this phase it really becomes a breeze as you start to feel the benefits of becoming healthier and of course the pounds drop off! What was surprising to me was that I don’t feel hungry until my next meal is due. Of course it is easy to go back to the old ways of eating the wrong food for your body and that is when the support is invaluable to keep you on track of your goal.
If your mind is made up that you want to feel and look great I cannot think of a healthier and more natural way to do it other than the MB program.”

Gerardo Sanchez, Oxfordshire
“The programme was very easy to follow and worked brilliantly. The support provided helped to keep on track and I feel better than I have done for several years. The added bonus of the programme was that the weight I could not shift following medical treatment literally dropped off!  Six months after the end of the programme, the weight is still off and I still follow the principles of the programme, but I do have some treats as well!”
Gillian H, Oxfordshire
Higher Health and Healing is only 15 minutes drive from Witney and offers a calm, restorative environment.
It is easily reached from Oxford and London by rail, Charlbury being the local rail station on the main line from Paddington, London.