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Natural Intelligence Kinesiology Shamanic Healing Rebecca Johnson

Natural Intelligence Kinesiology,
& Shamanic Healing

Rebecca Johnson

Many factors influence our health so when we strive to feel our best or overcome disease it is necessary to consider all the key aspects of our lives, which affect our wellbeing. No matter how great our diet, ill health can occur if we are sedentary, feel socially isolated or when consistently confronted with overwhelming challenges in the work place or in our private lives. Poor dietary choices on the other hand can contribute to stress in the body and stress influences our immune system and our immune system our mind so it is possible to be depressed simply because our immune system is overactive. Nothing exists in isolation and taking an honest look at all the central ingredients in our lives can help us understand the associations between our genetic makeup and our lifestyle choices to enable personalised interventions that can bring our health on track.

When we are aligned with our soul/core self we are happy, fulfilled, healthy and joyous. Life and our relationships flow easily for us. Natural Intelligence Kinesiology, which is a fusion between Kinesiology and Shamanic work, uses muscle testing to communicate with the soul/core self and the body. It is beneficial for anyone who feels that they want to reconnect with themselves, their health, vitality and life purpose. It especially suits those who feel that continuing to emphasise what is wrong isn’t helping them get better and those who feel out of balance or alignment with themselves.

By focusing on what you want to achieve in terms of health, vitality, well being, sense of self and direction in life, it is possible to unravel the blocks that have been holding you back in order to allow your natural healing and clarity to manifest: to reconnect you with your core self, your soul self. By bridging the physical and vibrational in this way it is possible to help the client reset their own ‘computer’.

A session involves coaching to help the client reconnect with their soul/core selves and tuning into the clients system through muscle testing. The emphasis is on achieving what is wanted, and clearing old patterns in order to attain that, rather than on digging up the past. It ends with vibrational work to clear any old patterns that have presented themselves. This can involve chakra or meridian work and shamanic techniques such as illumination and soul retrieval.

First session 1.5 hours £75
Follow ups 1 hour £50

About Rebecca


Rebecca Johnson Natural Intelligence Kinesiology Shamanic HealingRebecca specialises in working with vibrational energy and achieving alignment. She qualified with the Healer Practitioner Association in the early 1990s. She went on to study Kinesiology and between 1999 and 2003 gained qualifications in Optimum Health Balance and Creative Kinesiology. She has also studied Neural Organisation Technique, Quantum Sheng, Theta Healing and is a Touch For Health Instructor.

She is now a qualified shamanic partitioner through Spirit of the Inca with additional training from The Four Winds, and has created her own fusion between Kinesiology and Shamanic work, helping the client to manifest alignment with their soul/core self in their daily life.


Natural Intelligence Kinesiology
Shamanic Healing

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Natural Intelligence Kinesiology Shamanic Healing Rebecca Johnson
Higher Health and Healing is only 15 minutes drive from Witney and offers a calm, restorative environment.
It is easily reached from Oxford and London by rail, Charlbury being the local rail station on the main line from Paddington, London.