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Kate waring

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)

Kate Waring

RTT is a hybrid therapy that has been developed by Marisa Peer over the past 30 years. It combines the beneficial principles of Hypnotherapy and talk therapies.

RTT can help you to break bad habits, free you from anxiety and help you be more successful in business and the performing arts. It can help increase focus and motivation, overcome fears and addiction and improves well-being overall.

Why is RTT so effective?

It works with the subconscious mind which enables us to get straight to the root cause of your issue. Using regression techniques I will guide you back to the moment those negative and limiting beliefs were formed.

Very often it begins in childhood when we are like sponges soaking up everything that is happening to and around us but without the experience to filter those events.

The subconscious is an incredible, and in comparison to your conscious mind, an extremely vast resource. It’s like a vault where everything we’ve ever learned is stored. Experiences and thoughts can become embedded in the sub-conscious and turn into beliefs which shape how we feel about life in general and be the reason why we react to certain things in particular.

These feelings, habits and beliefs from a logical standpoint seem to make no sense to you but in spite of that your subconscious still drives them on regardless, causing you emotional, psychological or physical pain.

We are taught to navigate the world with our conscious mind. However change directed by the conscious mind can have limits. Using willpower alone makes it extremely hard to break the chains of bad habits or fears, anxiety and depression that are rooted in the subconscious mind.

To be able to make significant changes we need more than willpower and logic because emotion will override logic at every turn!

In order to create lasting change we need to connect with the subconscious mind and this is where Rapid Transformational Therapy excels.

During RTT we access the subconscious using hypnosis. Hypnosis is a completely natural state of inward focus. It is similar to the experience of a flow state much like being totally absorbed whilst watching a movie. Hypnosis induces an alpha brain wave and this optimal state allows you to bridge the gap between your conscious and subconscious mind which is the place that holds all the answers.

This heightened state of focus gives your mind more control – not less. The critical, chattering mind is bypassed giving us access to the moments those beliefs were formed, often many years ago. Using RTT I work with you to re-frame those old disempowering beliefs leaving you empowered and free to live life on your terms.

RTT helps you change perceptions and thoughts at the subconscious level. It also allows positive suggestions, like seeds, to be planted in the subconscious mind so new beliefs are able to take root.

RTT uses language that sparks and inspires the imagination. The words are customised just for you and the recording I make for you during our session is essential. You’ll listen for at least 21 consecutive days after our session. This lays down pathways or connections between neurons and as new pathways are strengthened with repeated listening, new empowering behaviours become second nature.

In summary Rapid Transformational Therapy can help you:

  • Break free from anxiety.
  • Relieve stress, anxiety and fears.
  • Perform at your very best.
  • Ease pain and illness.
  • Say goodbye to discouragement and guilt.
  • Step into your brilliant future.
  • And many more things…


Law of Attraction (LOA) Coaching

In addition to RTT I also offer law of attraction coaching which can be applied as stand-alone sessions. It is also incredibly effective when combined in a program that begins with an RTT session. During the program we first of all address the limiting buried subconscious belief with RTT then I walk with you through the process of learning about and applying the principles of law of attraction in your life. If you don’t feel there are any limiting beliefs holding you back we’ll just jump straight to the law of attraction and you’ll learn how to manifest the life of your dreams.

LOA is based on a simple concept which is ‘like attracts like’ or ‘thoughts become things’. Simply put what this means is you can learn to harness the power of your thoughts to improve any and every aspect of your life.

Thoughts are at the root of everything we create. Without thought, nothing would be created. So thought is the first step in the chain of events that create our reality, meaning the power to create comes from within us.

Science has proven just how powerful the mind and the imagination actually is, it has shown us that the thoughts we think wear ‘grooves’ in our brain. Or to put it another way, every thought we think fires and wires neurological patterns in our brain which if held and thought often enough will ultimately become beliefs.

A belief is just a thought you have called to mind consciously or unconsciously many times.

These patterns then determine how we see the world. Dr Wayne Dyer puts it succinctly, ‘We don’t see the world as the world is, we see the world as we are’. That means that if we think the same thoughts we’ll only ever get the same results.

  • If you always think the same thoughts you’ll always make the same choices.
  • If you always make the same choices you’ll always do the same things.
  • If you always do the same thing you’ll always have the same experiences.
  • If you always have the same experiences you’ll always feel the same emotions.
  • If you always have the same emotions you’ll always think the same thoughts.

You can use LOA to learn to choose to turn your thoughts towards how you want to feel and be. This in turn leads to you living a healthier life, achieving more goals, building better relationships, improving your financial situation. It helps you to do all of that as quickly or as slowly as you want. LOA is not just about creating a great future life it can also improve and enrich your life as it stands right now.

I will guide you through the theory, principles and practices of law of attraction to help you understand how it works, the science behind it (Quantum Physics) and how to make it work for you and your circumstances.

You will be learning and applying practical tools and techniques that will help you move towards and achieve all of your goals.

If you would like to learn more about the science I can highly recommend The Field by Lynne McTaggart and Mind to Matter by Dawson Church.

About Kate

I was personally trained by Marisa Peer as a Rapid Transformational Therapist and Hypnotherapist and by Carolyne Bennett as a Law of Attraction teacher.

Having been on my own healing journey I am 100% of the belief that we humans are here to truly immerse ourselves in the enjoyment of living and to find and fulfil our life purpose. As babies we all came onto the planet knowing that we were loveable, enough and that everything was available to us. The negative beliefs that hold us back are acquired along the way and therefore not part of who we truly are.

With this in mind I see all my clients as being intrinsically healthy, happy and whole. It is my most sincere wish to help you shed the beliefs that you have acquired in order to help you re-discover the truly wonderful and limitless human being that you are.

If your thoughts and inner self-talk stay the same then so does your reality. It is my mission to use Rapid Transformational Therapy and to teach the principles of the Law of Attraction to help you step back into your power and start living the life you want.

If you would like to learn more or arrange an appointment please contact me on:

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