Are you walking the path of a mystic, healer or shaman?

Did you know that if you are destined to become a mystic, healer or shaman, then your darkest moments and greatest challenges are often spiritual tools used by your soul to awaken you. So instead of seeing these events as ‘bad’, try to appreciate that they may actually be exactly what are needed for you to become all that you are meant to be. Cissi Williams explains how.

Are you walking the path of a mystic healer or shaman Cissy Williams

Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could all live happy, peaceful lives, with no sadness, suffering, pain or loss? But the truth is that although our soul is like a beautiful loving star radiating an exquisite light, the moment we take up residence in a physical body, we find ourselves in a reality that consists of light and dark, life and death, fear and love. This contrast allows us to experience the variety that exists here, so that we get to choose what we want to focus on, and from that focus we get to express ourselves as that which we choose to be. Say if you want to experience yourself as the light, then that is not an easy thing to do when you are surrounded by light. But the moment you are surrounded by darkness then your inner light can become like a star that lights up the midnight sky. The key is to remember that you are still the light, even if everything else around you seems dark.

So although we all have to experience intense emotional pain and inner turmoil, no one really teaches us how we can move through these darker periods of our lives. The personal development community says “just change your attitude”, the pharmaceutical industry says “we have a pill for that”, and often our loved ones freak out when they see us low and lacking in enthusiasm. And how do we deal with it ourselves? Often by avoiding the feelings as much as possible, so we distract ourselves by working more, watching TV, drinking, gossiping, escaping into a fantasy world, or even finding smaller problems we can focus on so we don’t have to deal with the real underlying issue that is trying to get our attention.

So why is it then that we go through these periods of feeling low? And why do some of these periods escalate into utter darkness? Is it really something ‘wrong’ with us when we experience this darkness, or is it instead like a metaphor for how the night is always the darkest just before the dawn breaks?

Well the good news is that there is nothing wrong with us, and often this darkness is like a calling card from our soul, urging us to awaken and expand our consciousness. Of course I am not talking about when someone has a mental illness, like schizophrenia or severe bipolar disorder, but just the ‘normal’ dark episode that most of us will experience at some point in our lives, especially if you are walking the path of a mystic, healer or shaman.

The journey of a shaman
A shaman is someone who can journey into the deepest darkness and up into the brightest light, so she can journey into the darkest, most hidden regions of your psyche, to help transform that darkness into light, connecting you with the divine source and your soul again.

The shaman cannot make this journey unless she first has done it herself, so if you are destined to become a shaman, whether you ever work with it or not, you will go through periods of intense darkness, psychic pain and real inner turmoil, and through that pain there will come a moment when you finally surrender to the divine. And in that sweet moment of surrendering the light is able to shine through – the light that guides you forward on a path that helps you to awaken further and connect more fully with your soul. But until you surrender, it will feel as if the darkness is eating you alive.

The journey of a mystic
A mystic goes through a similar journey, where it can feel as if she is falling into a huge, black hole of overwhelming darkness – the famous dark night of the soul experience – which is more like a dark night of the ego, as it is all the expectations and dreams from the ego that now shatter, where you might end up feeling as if you have no clue what the purpose is anymore. You feel totally lost and broken. Then, as the pain becomes almost unbearable, you finally fall to your knees and pray for help and guidance. And in that moment of surrendering, the Holy Spirit’s voice, the divine source within you, can finally come through, and you are reborn. But until you surrender, it will feel as if the world is out to crucify you.

Are you walking the path of a mystic healer or shaman

The journey of the healer
The path of the healer is similar, but here you often experience some deep trauma in your life, something that is just too much for you to cope with, and you end up being deeply wounded. As you heal this wound, you are taken on a healing path, which teaches you the medicine you will later share with others. But before you start your healing journey, you may be stuck in a victim mentality, where you feel there is nothing you can do to change how you feel. If only other people would understand you better, society would change, or those that hurt you would apologise, then all would be fine. In these scenarios you give your power away, causing you to feel helpless. Eventually the emotional pain is just too much, so you finally decide to take your power back and stop blaming others.

Or it may be that your inner emotional pain has created an illness, and this illness is the catalyst that sets you off on your healing journey. And once you start healing, you realise that the illness, or the inner pain, was never the problem you thought it was, but a messenger sent from your soul to help you awaken.

The pain as a catalyst for healing
So whether you are on the path of the mystic, healer or shaman (or all three), know that the pain you are experiencing is meant to help you grow, by helping you become more aware of which thought patterns, behaviours or beliefs you have that are stuck in fear, so that you can surrender these to the divine, and ask to be shown a new way of perceiving. You are basically being taken on a journey from fear to love, from darkness to light, from victim to hero, from wounded to healer, from unconscious to awakened mystic – and the depression, illness or psychic pain were just spiritual tools of awakening, that set you off on this inner journey that is filled with magic and miracles. A journey that goes beyond the mind, as the mind cannot come with you on this healing odyssey, because the mind does not speak the language of the soul. But the mind can instead bear witness to the journey, and by doing that you expand your consciousness and evolve into a higher state of being. This is where we are today, as a collective consciousness. We are being invited to evolve into a higher state of being, and to do that we have to have the courage to heal our past, our ancestral patterns, our karma and ourselves, and let go of our addiction to our personal dramas and problems, and instead step into something so much greater and bigger than our ego mind could ever comprehend.

Why healing our ancestral patterns and inner pain can help us find our soul purpose
I believe we choose our parents and family dynamics. I have chosen to believe that partly because it empowers me, as I am then at choice, instead of being a victim, and also because to me it just makes so much sense that we choose our circumstances to help give us the best training ground possible for us to learn the life lessons we want to master in this lifetime.

I remember when I, during a healing journey, went back to the time before my conception, and how I sat up there in Heaven having a discussion with my spiritual council about the plan for my next lifetime. I could see how I wanted to learn about healing, acceptance, forgiveness and being able to trust my soul’s light even when I was surrounded by darkness.

Are you walking the path of a mystic healer or shaman

I could see how my parents’ patterns, their dysfunctions – my father’s brain damage, his alcoholism, the patterns of abuse that were running through my mum’s family line to several generations back – how all of this would help me learn about healing, forgiveness and acceptance, as I undoubtedly would get wounded growing up in this dynamic, thereby giving me the tools I needed to work with in order for me to grow and evolve. My spiritual council asked me: “Are you sure you want to do this?” And I was 100% certain! I was so ready. I was even looking forward to it, feeling “What a ride this is going to be!” So I chose to be conceived, knowing full well what I was letting myself in for.

“My conscious mind could not make
sense of it all, but my inner being
could feel the truth in what
I was being shown.”

During a shamanic healing session I could see how I, at the age of 3 weeks, chose to take on board some of my father’s dysfunctional energy, as if he had an entity (negative energy) that controlled him. I so wanted to help him I volunteered to take some of that energy inside of me. And then I locked it inside my heart and put a crystal lid (energetically) over it in order to protect those I loved so they would not be affected by this negative entity. That was the first time I experienced an epileptic fit.

During the healing session I could see all of this – images flashed before me in quick succession, accompanied by an inner sense of just knowing. My conscious mind could not make sense of it all, but my inner being could feel the truth in what I was being shown. My body was shaking, as if I was having an epileptic fit, and the person doing the healing session with me was quite concerned. I was not, however, because I was filled with an immense peace as I knew I was healing.

Then the next insight came, and that was from my father. I could feel his consciousness come into the healing session, and he said, “I never wanted you to carry my pain. It was mine to carry, mine to sort out.” And in that moment I could see how the need in me to help him had caused me to sacrifice myself to try to heal him, and how this had not helped him at all, as it had robbed him of the opportunity to do it for himself. My father’s consciousness shared with me that it was time for me to learn to invite others to heal themselves, without me rescuing them or sacrificing myself.

This pattern, I feel, was something I had carried with me from previous lifetimes, and also a pattern that I had inherited from my mother. She tried to rescue my father, hoping he would one day change. He never did. He died an alcoholic, and he was completely alone, as my mother by this stage – after she nearly died of a heart attack – had realised that his aggression and violence were destroying her health. After she left him he went downhill very quickly. Death in the end liberated him from his pain, from a dysfunctional mind, and after his death I actually felt peace, as I could feel he was now reconnected with his true self.

Once I could see how my volunteering to carry his pain had not helped him, I awakened to such a degree that I literally stopped rescuing others overnight. A boundary had been drawn.

Another pattern I discovered when I did a journey into my unconscious mind (underworld in shamanic language) was how I would sacrifice my light in order to create balance in a dysfunctional dynamic. I could see how I had started doing this as a child, and then continued with this pattern due to feeling a lack of self-worth and self-love, and sometimes due to believing that if I didn’t sacrifice my light, then all hell would break loose – never realising that the sacrifice was how I kept the experience of hell going… As I healed this I could feel my power and light return to me.

Shortly after this discovery, something happened in one of my close relationships, where in the past I would have sacrificed my light in order to keep the peace, bending over backwards to please, just to keep this person in my life as he would threaten to cut me off if I did not toe the line. But this time something in me roared, and I could feel how a boundary was being drawn. I was no longer willing to sell my soul in order to keep the relationship going. So I cut the cords.

I then went through a grieving process, as I love this person, but I knew that the pain I felt was still less than the pain I would have felt if I had allowed him to continue this type of emotional abuse. Once the grieving was over I could send him light and blessings, and be grateful for the lessons I had learnt.

As I changed this energy within me, I healed. Not only my mind, but also my soul and body, and it felt as if I had shifted a very old heavy energy, as if a karma had been hanging over me, and it could only be freed the moment I learnt to love myself enough to create healthy boundaries and take my power back.

Incidentally, when I spoke with this person’s soul, his soul told me that he didn’t want me to keep bending over backwards to please him, as this kept the unhealthy energy going, and he was stuck in this pattern too. So even though his conscious mind may not have had a clue about this, his soul recognised that cutting him off was exactly the right thing to do – for both of us. That helped to ease my grief, and I could see how he had never wanted me to sacrifice myself in order to help or please another.

Are you walking the path of a mystic healer or shaman

“The universe literally has your
back, as the universe is invested in
your healing and self-realisation,
because as you heal and expand your
consciousness, the universe
also expands.”

What helps us make this journey of deep, deep healing?
The first step is to acknowledge that you have powerful allies by your side – the whole divine intelligence is here to help you heal. The universe literally has your back, as the universe is invested in your healing and self-realisation, because as you heal and expand your consciousness, the universe also expands.

There are many ways to heal, but one of the paths is to dare to journey into the unknown, into the depths of your psyche, so you can heal so deeply that you start to radiate your inner light. I will here outline a few of those paths.

Shamanic healing
In shamanic medicine we use the jaguar archetype to help us make this inner journey, as jaguar has the ability to see in the dark.

Since jaguar is at the top of the food chain in the Amazon rainforest, she represents the power of transformation as she helps to weed out the weak, and by doing that she helps to create room for something new to be born. She teaches us about letting go of old patterns, old beliefs, old ancestral patterns and pain, so we can give birth to a new version of ourselves. Jaguar also teaches us that crisis is a time of opportunity, and that death is a call to rebirth. She is the force of change, the guide that takes us on a journey of deep healing and transformation.

To find the areas you need to let go of, in order to create room for something new, you can ask yourself the following:

  1. Which aspects of me have already started to die?
  2. Where have I lost my life force?
  3. Where has my life started to go grey or feel empty?
  4. Which boundaries do I need to set?
  5. What do I need to let go of in order to make room for the new?

As you answer these questions you start to identify which areas in your life jaguar can help you heal, allowing you to step into your own power. This is Jaguar Medicine.

Transforming the darkness into gold
In some cultures, jaguar is seen as the Black Mother, and to me jaguar is the shamanic version of the Black Madonna, the Dark Divine Feminine, that beautiful presence that knows our humanity and our suffering so well, that always loves us, no matter what. To me, it is as if jaguar and the Dark Divine Feminine work together to help us heal. They know that the darkness is a good place for us to hide our inner pain, since it is dark, and I feel that they are present in that darkness, holding sacred space for us, until the day we are ready to undertake this journey of deep healing. The Black Madonna is often symbolised in three colours – black, red and gold – representing that journey of healing, from our deepest darkness, through the fire of transformation, which allows our inner gold to form. This gold then becomes the healing wisdom and medicine you later share with others.

Are you walking the path of a mystic healer or shaman

Mystical healing
Another path to healing is through identifying any thought patterns, behaviours or areas within your mind where you are still seeing through the eyes of fear, anxiety and judgement, and then surrender these to your Inner Teacher, that divine part of your mind that is forever connected with God. Some people call this Inner Teacher the Holy Spirit, or their Inner Being, or the Universe – it does not matter what you call it.

When you have identified an area of your mind which is stuck in darkness and fear, an area of stress and tension, imagine yourself placing it on the altar of God, and as you do so, say a prayer where you feel how you totally let this go – trusting that as you let this go the divine intelligence, which knows how to create worlds, also knows how to help you heal.

The prayer can be something like this:

“Dear God/Universe/Spirit/Source of the Highest Light,
I now surrender this to you.
Let me choose peace instead of [this].
I am willing to change, and I am ready to perceive this differently.
Please act through me, and show me what I need to learn and understand.
I am open to your guidance.

And then trust that the guidance will come. It always does. All you have to do is stay awake to the signs and the messages, and as you do, you allow yourself to be guided on the path that the universe has planned for you, so you can express and shine your unique light, in the way that only you can.

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Cissi Williams is a Soul Coach, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Cranial Osteopath, NLP Trainer and editor of Inspired Wellbeing Magazine (UK) and Inspire tidningen (Sweden).

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